Get Connected!


I'm Emree, and honestly, I am so excited you decided to be a part of this  "community". Being interested in me and my music is the greatest compliment, so thank you!  

I want to know more about you. I want to connect,  I love conversation and I think we need more of it. So, thats why I started all THIS.

It's my hope you'll want to be part of the process, and tell me what you think every step of the way. 

I wanted to create a platform for you to share your thoughts, connect with me and other music fans, as well as  give you first access to my new music, videos, and whats generally going on. (This includes the behind the scenes candids, the planning, the journaling, and the new songs still living in my phone.) I'm an open book, and I hope you will be too. That said, I do have some secrets so stay tuned, check back and learn more about a very special project I'm working on in LA. Where i sit, currently writing this!

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So please check my website: Karma mokra dla kota (,c,386 ).

Sklep dla pasjonatów - Sklep Zoologiczny Online -

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