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Emree Franklin is a rising 21-year-old recording Artist from Friday Harbor, WA, whose distinct voice and poignant lyrics transcend her age. Growing up as the daughter of master falconers in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Emree's signature storytelling and lyrics draw from her life experiences, writing openly about the emotions that are common to her generation but sometimes difficult to talk about.

In 2013 Emree took leave from the University of Washington and lived in Nashville for a year, where she performed and was incredibly prolific, penning over 100 new songs. Emree strives to write songs that are always real and brutally honest. It is that authenticity combined with driving rhythms and contagious melodies that have captured music lovers, especially young women and music industry elite alike.

Emree began writing on acoustic guitar and quickly evolved from an Americana format to a hybrid of pop and hip-hop beat with intelligent lyrics. She has since been recording in LA, NY and Atlanta with Grammy award winning producers in preparation for her debut release and continues to build her fan base, extending live performances from Nashville, San Francisco and Seattle, to LA and beyond.


Get You Alone


We Are Tomorrow w/ Pablo Stennett & Emree Franklin on America Meditating Radio
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We Are Tomorrow